Why Mums Think Organic Soft Toys Are a fantastic Idea

All Mums wish to protect their toddlers from harm. After they turn in the news and listen to about toxic toys, this may cause them reconsider buying a toy the baby or child will stick inside their mouth and cuddle approximately.
Given all of the recent news reports exposing the pervasiveness of toxic toys, Mums tend to be more aware than in the past that a high percentage from the toys in the marketplace contain dangerous toxins which could harm their kids. Estimates of this toy toxicity vary, nevertheless they typically range from fifty and 80 % of toys containing toxins! Toxic toys include cheap toys imported from China along with more costly toys manufactured for well-known international brands like Disney, Fisher Price, and Barbie.
Because news broke in a big way a few years back, Mums have been making smarter purchasing decisions once they select babies toys and soft toys for their children. Increasingly, Mums know that sizzling hot they may be sure the soft toys they are buying contain no dangerous toxins is to purchase ORGANIC soft toys.
Recommendations a directory of top reasons why organic soft toys are extremely much better than non-organic soft toys:
1. They Don’t Contain Harmful Inorganic Dyes
Most toys are colorful and now we buy them thinking our children will likely be stimulated by these happy colors. However, lurking over these colorful inorganic dyes are highly toxic poisons like pollutants, benzene, and chemical toxins (VOCs). What’s even more shocking is that a few of the pollutants that result in toys are the worse offenders on the planet. They include lead, mercury, and cadmium. In addition, it has been shown that kids absorb lead into their intestinal tract at a greater rate than do adults: 50 % in youngsters verus 11 percent in grown-ups!
Remember Mr. Squiggles, a furry little toy hamster than cooed and wiggled, which was increasingly popular for that 2009 Christmas season? Created in China, it had been sold at discount stores everywhere accross the planet. As it happens it had been packed with antimony, a heavy metal proven to accumulate within the system and cause cancer.
Organic soft toys are colored with non-toxic dyes. A few of the colors are created from organic vegetables as well as other non-toxic plants. Other medication is produced with natural clays. And also being completely safe for babies and children, these non-toxic dyes don’t put pollutants as well as other toxins into the environment. In addition they don’t put pollutants into the dust particles that hide within your house such places as in the garage where your kids might crawl or on the Television screen where they might run their fingers.
2. Organic Soft Toys Have Organic Fabrics
Most soft toys use organic cotton or another natural fiber like organic hemp. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or any other toxins that can be left behind within the material your kids sticks inside their mouth, kisses, hugs, and holds close to their skin once they sleep. This is a statistic that will shock you: to make one conventional cotton t-shirt, it will require 1/3 pound of nasty chemicals! In other words, there are many pesticides, herbicides, as well as other nasty chemicals hiding in conventional cotton toys!
Buying organic also means you are supporting agriculture it doesn’t unleash harmful chemicals into the environment. This gives the particular perfect opportunity to talk to your kids about earth friendly agricultural techniques like hand weeding, crop rotation, mulching, planting with various densities, and beneficial insects.
These agricultural chemicals are also frequently seen in other baby things like baby comforters, baby mats, baby pillows, and baby clothing. It really is almost hard to believe they are not banned entirely from anything your baby or small child touches. It’s bad enough they are in adult bedding, mattresses, and several other pursuits.
3. They Don’t Contain Highly Toxic Fillers
What’s first thing a kid desires to do when you hand her or him a new soft toy or soft comforter? They frequently hug it close and caress it for their cheek. In addition they may want to sleep with it and bury their cute little nose inside it too. The next time you see a kid, or any child, do this, think of what’s probably within the stuffing from the soft toy or comforter!
Most soft toys are stuffed towards the brim with polyurethane foam (PU foam). As this synthetic materials are so highly flammable, toy manufacturers soak the PU foam through via with highly toxic flame retardants. Actually, researchers in the University of California at Berkeley and Duke University found that 80 percent of products designed for children possess these highly toxic flame retardants! This is a crisis of epidemic proportions that produces all protective Mums cringe once they discover the truth!
Flame retardants have severe medical consequences. They have been shown disrupt hormones and cause cancer. They have also been connected to ADHD, various forms of autism, mental retardation, as well as other varieties of neurological damage. They cause developmental delays. To be able words, they are simply not so great news! The only way to make certain that soft toys as well as other items you upgrade on your babies and children don’t have these flame retardants is to purchase ORGANIC. This is an area where paying a bit more can make a big difference in your kid’s life. Organic soft toys usually are filled with organic natural materials like wool. Getting the infant bury their nose within the fur of your sheep won’t hurt them a bit!
Organic soft toys can help put your mind relaxed that you are not exposing your infant or child to wicked toxins. While it’s true we’re not able to protect our kids from everything, this can be something where you have got a good deal of control if one makes current debts buy ORGANIC.